Call for Papers

Authors are hereby invited to submit their full papers on the theme/sub-theme of the conference as an email attachment to and copy

  1. The papers should be prepared using Microsoft word with 2 cm margins on each side, Times New Roman Fonts Style, 12pt font size and a single line spacing
  2. The name of the presenting author should be underlined, and the name of the corresponding author should be indicated by a superscript (*)
  3. The full paper should contain the following sections: A brief summary of the work not more than 150 words; Introduction; Methodology, Results and Discussion; Conclusion; Acknowledgment (if any), and a List of References. Each section head should be in bold styled
  4. Figures should be numbered and incorporated in the text. The figure caption should be placed below the figures
  5. Tables should be numbered with captions placed at the top of the tables
  6. All equations should be typed with Microsoft Word Equation Editor. Equations should be centred and the number flushed with the right margin in parenthesis
  7. SI units should be used and notations should conform to standard norms
  8. References should follow the APA 6 style convention and listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper
  9. Closing date for receipt of papers for the conference is 15th August 2019
  10. All peer reviewed and accepted papers will be included in conference proceedings

The format of the Journal of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers as detailed on the journal website should be used

Mode of Presentation

Authors could indicate whether they want to present their paper by oral or poster, however, the Technical Sub-Committee will communicate the final decision on this to the corresponding authors