Enhancement of Agricultural Value Chain for Economic Development: The Role of Chemical Engineering

Conference Topics (Sub-Themes)

  1. Preservation and packaging of perishable agricultural products
  2. Use of water and water management in agricultural product processing
  3. Agro-waste conversion and utilization
  4. Production of fertilizers and Agrochemicals
  5. Solutions to energy challenges in agro allied industries
  6. Energy production from biomass
  7. Optimization of agricultural processing systems
  8. Production of nutraceutical products
  9. Value addition to agro products
  10. Entrepreneurship, incubation and spinoff in agricultural value chain
  11. Design and construction of rice mill and other agro processing equipment
  12. Research, Development and Innovation in chemical engineering

Synopsis of the Conference

As advances are made in chemical engineering, the chemical industry will be able to produce more useful products economically on a large scale from agriculture-based inputs. Value-addition to agricultural produce is the magic wand for transforming the nation’s economy and providing meaningful employment for the teeming youth. The pivotal role of chemical engineering as the engine of growth for the economy is indispensable. Hence, this Conference, KADA 2019, is aimed at bringing together participants from policy makers, industrialists, the academia, research institutes, the private and public sectors, etc., to brainstorm and proffer solutions to challenges in the agricultural downstream sector. This Conference will surely galvanize efforts to ensure the revamping of our economy through the multiplier effect of value-addition to agricultural produce. It shall also provide the nation with a direct route to the attainment of self-sufficiency in food production, increased foreign exchange earnings, higher GDP and better balance of trade.

In the light of the foregoing, the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers invite you to this important Conference with the following theme: Enhancement of Agricultural Value Chain for Economic Development: The Role of Chemical Engineering